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Is SCIMAP always based on the Topographic Wetness Index?

Within SCIMAP, the hydrological connectivity is based on the ‘Network Index’ (Lane et al. 2004). This index calculates the level of landscape wetness for each point to both generate runoff and for there to be a continuous flowpath to the river or lake. In many applications of SCIMAP, the topographic wetness index is used to give predictions of relative wetness within the catchment. However, within the SCIMAP framework the wetness index can be substituted for other predictions of relative wetness. In the paper by Lane, Reaney and Heathwatite published in 2010, they used soil moisture pattern predictions from a distributed hydrological model (CRUM3) to assess the hydrological connectivity. In short, any spatial pattern of soil moisture can be used to calculate the Network Index representing the hydrological connectivity. As a user, you are therefore able to adjust the SCIMAP Framework to your local conditions and to better capture your understanding.