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SCIMAP User Group Meeting 2012

The first SCIMAP user group meeting will take place on the 26 October 2012 in London. The aim of this meeting is to bring together the current users of SCIMAP from the Environment Agency, Natural England, the River Trusts, Wildlife Trusts and others to discuss how they have used the tools, to learn from each other and to see (and steer) where SCIMAP is going in the future. The day will include keynote presentations from both the Environment Agency and the Rivers Trust. These talks will then be supported by a set of user case studies about how they are managing the environment with the help of SCIMAP.

The main meeting will run from 10:30 to 15:30 to allow people time to get home. However, there will be a post meeting ‘SCIMAP Surgery’ with some of the team to talk about any problems that you may be having or suggestions that you may have for the future.

The meeting will take place at Mary Sumner House, Westminster, London, and will be free to attend. The costs of this meeting have been supported by Durham University and the Environment Agency.

To attend the meeting, please register at this form. You will need to provide details about how you are using SCIMAP in your organisation or how you are thinking of using the approach. This description should be approximately 300 words.

Q and A

Who will be presenting?

There will be keynote talks from the SCIMAP team, the Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency. There will be opportunities for attendees to present their experiences, findings and successes with SCIMAP. We aim to offer as many people time to speak as possible. The draft agenda for the meeting is now available.

Why is the meeting on rural issues being held in central London?

We have considered many options with the venue for the meeting and felt that central London was the easiest for everyone to get to.

What is the cost of attending?

The meeting is free since it has been supported by Durham University and the Environment Agency.

How do I register for the event?

Complete the form and you will be registered.

Who can attend?

The User Group Meeting is open to anyone who is currently using SCIMAP or is considering using the approach in the future. Everyone is welcome from professional, academic, policy and any other background

Are numbers limited?

Yes, the room has a limited capacity. Please register early to ensure that you can attend.

Sounds great but I cannot make the date.

We will publish the attendee abstracts on the website and the videos of the talks will be available after the event.


To attend the meeting, please register at this form.

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