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Web-based SCIMAP

I would like to introduce the new web based version of the SCIMAP risk mapping approach. SCIMAP allows you to identify the source areas with a landscape that are most likely to be contributing sediment as diffuse pollution and may be the sources of the pollution causing ecological damage within the river.  The new web based version simplifies the process of developing SCIMAP risk maps by using the datasets stored on website, removing the need to install and used desktop GIS packages and allows simple export of the results to either GIS or GoogleEarth.

There is a video overview of the new tool here:

The web application is still being developed and your ideas can guide the development.  You can submit your ideas at and can also vote on the other ideas that you think would be useful. The ideas submission and voting will be open until the end of Feb 2016 and then the most suitable / affordable ideas will be taken forward into development. This extra development of the web application has been supported through the Environment Agency as part of the Catchment Based Approach.