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What are the scale and data requirements for SCIMAP?

SCIMAP can be run across large catchment (2000 km2 +) as well as for targeted sub-catchments (e.g. < 1km2). The normal grid resolution is 5m based on the NextMap DTM product therefore giving large coverage whist maintaining fine spatial detail at the sub-field scale. Key data requirements for ‘standard’ SCIMAP:

  • DEM – NextMap 5m is the standard data source and the approach can be run with far finer topographic information, such as lidar. The OS 10m Profile DEM can be used but is not preferred and care must be taken to check the results.
  • Land Cover information – the standard is the CEH Land Cover Map 2007 coupled with a default set of risk weightings. The risk weighting can be updated based on local knowledge and other land cover information can be used. It is possible to generate land cover / land use change maps outside of SCIMAP and import these to consider how these change the spatial pattern of risk.
  • Rainfall patterns – this is normally based on the Met Office 5km long term average data grid for the UK. If more up to date or detailed information is available, then this can be used.